Day 2

Day 2 in Namibia and we are loving it. We spent another day in Windhoek working on logistics for both our documentary and conference that will take place in January 2017. We spent the morning meeting with Wild Dog Safari's talking about potential plans for an excursion next winter. Afterwards, we spent the rest of the morning making phone calls to our partners in the north who we will be connecting with tomorrow! Following lunch, we met up with Katherine again (our wonderful connection at the Polytechnic University and Elon alum who has been beyond helpful) and she introduced us to her colleague Shiimi, who is a professor of Agricultural Economics at the Polytechnic University as well. We learned so much from our meeting with Shiimi and are looking forward to meeting with him again once we return to Windhoek on June 7th. We are all still quite jet lagged but are far too excited about all of the exciting progress that we have been making to want to sleep much more than we need to. 

Pictures below: on the left, our team at the Cardboard Box taking advantage of the free WiFi to get some work done. On the right, our team with Katherine Carter walking in Windhoek to a meeting with her colleage, Shiimi.