Meme Anita

We spent the day in Oshakati with long-time friend of the Periclean Program, Anita Isaacs. Anita became connected with Periclean back in 2003 when the Class of 2006 first made contact in Namibia. Having heard stories of the years of friendship with her, we were very excited to finally meet. Anita graciously invited us to her church this morning where we were able to celebrate her recent graduation from University, which has now led to her new job here in Oshakati! It was an honor to be here to celebrate with her. After church we headed back to Anita's homestead for some festivities. She sure knows how to throw a party! We met many of her close friends and family while enjoying delicious traditional cuisine (though most of us were too timid to try the Mopani). We also had the opportunity to visit the Ekamba Garden, which was a project that our class helped to fund last year. It was exciting to see the space and hear about the plans for the future. We got some awesome shots from our drone camera so stay tuned for photos coming soon (as WiFi permits). Tomorrow we head to the University of Namibia Campus at Ogongo where we will be meeting again with Professor Itanna, some of his students, and his colleagues. We are very much so looking forward to another action-packed day.