A visit to UNAM!

Our final full day in the north was spent at UNAM at the Ogongo Campus. Having spent much time already with Professor Itanna, we were excited to visit his campus and meet his colleagues. The majority of the morning was spent in meetings discussing our Memorandum of Understanding between Elon and UNAM. Having only communicated via email prior to today, both sides had many questions so it was a fruitful and eye-opening meeting, especially for our team of students.

We spent the afternoon getting a wonderful tour of UNAM's campus. As part of their campus, they have a farm with a large variety of crops, as well as plots for students to conduct research. The campus also has a game park which we were fortunate enough to experience as well. We saw giraffes, zebras, oryx, and impalas. And we got to shoot some footage on the drone as well which was much fun. We ended our day with a visit to the homestead of the head-man in the local village. We were able to speak with and interview him about his experience farming the land. Having lived in Namibia for 77 years now, he had much knowledge that he so kindly shared with us.