Our final two days in Windhoek

Though we were sad to leave the north, we were happy to return to our home at the Cardboard Box. We were welcomed with open arms by Kathleen, the most lovely of receptionists who has been so helpful in all of the craziness that we have thrown her way (including locating a pin number for our SIM card in the bottom of a bag we left in Windhoek during our trip to the north). We arrived at the Box around 1:30 on Tuesday with less than an hour to pull ourselves together before having to set out for a very important meeting at the UNAM campus in Windhoek. We met with the Vice Chancellor of the University to discuss the MOU between Elon and UNAM. Though it was a tense meeting, our conversations afterwards with Simon Angombe (Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Science at UNAM) proved to be quite positive and we are excited to continue working with him on the conference. Another crazy thing happened, it rained in Windhoek!!!! And by rained, I mean it absolutely poured, which is virtually unheard of in Namibia, let alone during their winter season. Though we were not prepared for the rain, we were quite happy that it provided at least some relief from the drought conditions that Windhoek has been experiencing. 

Today (Wednesday) was an incredibly exciting day. We had an early start to the day with an interview with Dr. Zimmerman at the Polytechnic University. Dr. Zimmerman is the Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture at the Polytechnic, and had so much knowledge surrounding the the issue of food security in Namibia and ways to combat it. Following our meeting with him, we finally were able to meet with George Beukes! George works at the American Cultural Center in Namibia and has been one of our biggest resources as he has so graciously helped us on so many occasions, including setting up a very exciting meeting today! Our whole team met personally with the US Ambassador in Namibia today, Mr. Thomas Daughton. It was an incredible experience and we cannot believe that we had the opportunity to talk to him about the projects that our Class has taken on. And to top it all off, he personally said that he was beyond impressed with all that our Class is doing, which was a HUGE compliment from a person of such high esteem. We are hopeful that he will come to speak at our conference in January, so stay tuned for updates.