Less than 1 week until departure!

In just 5 short days we depart for Namibia! While the specifics of our itinerary are still in the works, we are incredibly excited to reconnect with the connections we made in June and to get the chance to meet with and interview some amazing new connections we have made over the past months. We will be busy planning until the morning we leave and can't wait to update you all with our progress as we move forward. 

Our new equipment is here! Beholder Gimbal DS1, Polaroid Camera with film, BRNO dehumidifier lens cap, an extra battery for our Canon DSLR, 2 lavalier microphones, and an AKASO Drone backpack.

This past week all of our new equipment came in and opening all the packages only furthered our excitement. A huge thank you to the School of Communications at Elon University who awarded us a creative projects grant to assist in the purchasing of our new equipment. With the creative projects grant, we were able to purchase the Beholder Gimbal DS1 which is a handheld camera stabilizer that can be used with our DSLR's; a BRNO protective dehumidifier lens cap, which will be incredibly useful as it is summertime as well as the rainy season in Namibia; and finally a Polaroid camera and film, which we had fun testing out as you can see below.

Testing out our new polaroid camera

Stay tuned for a coming post regarding the use of our polaroid camera. We are very excited for this additional component to our project.

We will be updating our blog and social media as often as access to internet allows, so check back often for new updates. Give us a like on Facebook and Instagram as well! We hope to post photos and videos throughout the course of our journey.